White Moldavite Necklace

Sold out.

A newly discovered  rare gem found in Arizona and named after the meteorite Moldavite due to its texture and high frequency.  This special stone radiates a very gentle, loving frequency that is very emotionally calming.  Wrapped in Sterling Silver.  

Inspired by the healing elements of nature, I use precious metals, gemstones, aqua aura quartz, diamonds, and moldavite in my healing jewelry. I soak my crystals with the Atlantean Orb imbuing them with the special frequencies. For custom spiritual jewelry, call Liz Alpert at 305-799-7617.

Introducing our new store in Sedona, Atlantean Healing Jewelry! The purpose of all the pieces is to bring in light and higher frequencies to help raise your vibration! Come in and get energized by my crystal jewelry.

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