John of God Prayer Triangle

This Sterling Silver Prayer Triangle, designed by Liz Alpert, is currently being sold at the Casa de Dom Inacio in a slightly altered version.
This design is the original one which was authorized and blessed by John of God's entities to be sold through this website.  I was inspired while on several trips to Abadiania, Brazil and the Casa, to create a jewelry line and particularly to make a significant piece such as this which relates to a focal part of the experience there, the Prayer Triangle.  This original model has been cast in Sterling Silver with the following words:  FE, AMOR, CARIDADE - translates to Faith, Love, and Charity.  The back of the triangle includes the words, Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil.  This design, once sold in Brazil at John of God's store, is now available exclusively through this website! Measures 1 3/16".
Inspired by the healing elements of nature, I use precious metals, gemstones, aqua aura quartz, diamonds, and moldavite in my healing jewelry. I soak my crystals with the Atlantean Orb imbuing them with the special frequencies. For custom spiritual jewelry, call Liz Alpert at 305-799-7617.

Introducing our new store in Sedona, Atlantean Healing Jewelry! The purpose of all the pieces is to bring in light and higher frequencies to help raise your vibration! Come in and get energized by my crystal jewelry.

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